VSOP and !TTM!... two Clans... one Family!

VSOP and !TTM!... two Clans... one Family!

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twiz: server is sooooo quiet.cry

twiz: Is everyone ok? Havwn't seen Mark (Von) all week. please

tommy: Hi Twiz haven't seen Vonz for 6 days, 4 hours Must be on Holiday maybe cool

von_Zeist: !back

tommy: !WB x smile

disavowed: Hi sorry not been intouch before but I am also back

disavowed: I have been playing World of Warships for quite a while now and have many european friends i play with regularly. Would you mind if I created a world of warships clan under the VSOP cllan name?

disavowed: I also have my own TS CHANNEL

disavowed: Or can you make a channel for world of warships and give the guys the new IP

von_Zeist: Thank you for donation joker much appreciated!

von_Zeist: !wb joker Great idea setting up a vsop-wow clan you also can create a channel on our ts3. You have ts3 admin powers i beleave

disavowed: NP Mark i will change the ts server over and thanks I will have more time to play now as I have retired completely now

von_Zeist: Good Morning All btw

tommy: Good Morning

von_Zeist: hope you enjoy retired life...

tommy: I'll have to install ts again now hehe

von_Zeist: tommy wat is your wow name?

von_Zeist: mine is Victor_Zulu

tommy: Can't remember ain't played it for ages

von_Zeist: lol

tommy: I'll have to install that again tooo lol

von_Zeist: steven you sail under the name disavoved right?

disavowed: No Furious_Joker

disavowed: Good morning all good games last night

von_Zeist: good morning indeed whas fun

joker: Ok managed to sort my name out now lol

von_Zeist: Joker, you have the option to delete your old account and data if you want or I can do it if you want

joker: Hi Just remembered will not be around tonight as i have an evening out with my youngest son and on thursday i am taking my eldest to Heathrow airport

joker: Hi all just reinstalling everything on to my two new drives

twiz: see you all online tonight about 19:00hrs UK time.not-one-care

von_Zeist: hope Joker get it sorted out in time... Ill be there Twiz

tommy: hello

von_Zeist: hello m8ty

joker: What is the ip of the ts server? I know the password

von_Zeist: morning all, ts3 ip is port:10174

von_Zeist: if you hoover mouse over 'Connect to ts3 server' you can see IP in bottom / left corner of your screen

tommy: Good Morning

joker: Hi yes i sorted it yesterday lol

joker: Good afternoon

joker: Gave my PC a much needed clean out today

von_Zeist: sry setting (try) mic

joker: ok

joker: should be in tools under capture


wildcat: meow Hello all VSOP

von_Zeist: good morning Cat, good morning All

joker: Good morning all

von_Zeist: good morning Joker, good morning All

tommy: Good Morning kissy

joker: Good morning all

von_Zeist: evening All

wildcat: Hi Zmeow

joker: Good morning all

von_Zeist: Hello All, have a good weekend

tommy: G'Day All x smile

von_Zeist: evening m8ty, evening All

joker: Going to be in Lille Thursday til Sunday

wildcat: Morning Z and allsmile

von_Zeist: Morning C morning All

von_Zeist: have fun in Lille Steve



Registered users may use our ts3, ask VSOP clan members for password.


World of Warships

VSOP World of Warships

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Cod4X and OW2

VSOP runs cod4x and currently the OpenWarfare2 mod is installed.


Custom & Stock Maps

We host more than 600 modded and stock maps.



Respect spawns, no bunny hop and no hacks or cheats

VSOP Cod4X OW2 mod

COD4X ffa hc server OW2 mod with stock and modded maps

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VSOP Cod4X testing

COD4X ffa hc server mod with stock and modded maps

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