VSOP and !TTM!... two Clans... one Family!

VSOP and !TTM!... two Clans... one Family!

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von_Zeist: roughly that is what iam on about but it would be plan c..

von_Zeist: iam searching for documention about the web portion (panel). Want it to install on Cent os7 server with plesk onyx on a new website. this server host already 20 sites so dont want a root install. On github it say the documentation is on ogp website... but its not..

tommy: I don't know then and maybe it above me not-one-care

von_Zeist: np m8ty good morning / evening btw

von_Zeist: uhh afternoon

tommy: Good Morning is still in UK lol for 13 mins

von_Zeist: lunch time here... back laterzz. can try ww3 later?

tommy: not impressed with List on right side of screen

von_Zeist: thats why test... can remove easy..

tommy: prefer old mod at the moment

tommy: not broke don't fix it lmao

von_Zeist: ww3 mod you also get centrygun and such... but only with killstreak like uav 3 kills, airstrike 5, chopper 7, centry 9, and so on

tommy: maps are more important maybe not the obscure ones that seem to appear lol minishock

von_Zeist: just tell me what maps to put on...

von_Zeist: lunch now... laterzzz

tommy: bye enjoy you lunch

tommy: your

tommy: Cannot put names to maps but i'm a run a gun man not a hide and snipe guy so thats what I look at other have a different game play so you can't keep everyone happy it goes with the territory lol cool

joker: I dont mind this sort of play as long as ataommy can run and gun and i can camp lol

wildcat: Hi all hope everyone is wellmeow

wildcat: cant seem to find how to reset and save password

wildcat: found itsmile

von_Zeist: hello Cat smile

von_Zeist: Hope you enjoy Spain Steven, have fun

wildcat: hello z

wildcat: omg everytime i try to comeon i have to rest the password lol but sorted it

wildcat: oops reset

wildcat: sorted it

joker: Start our long jouney down to La Manga tonight see you in a month

tommy: Good Morning All enjoy your Month in Spain Joker x cool

wildcat: smile

tommy: Good Morning laugh-big

joker: Good afternoon all

von_Zeist: good morning / afternoon Thnx for donation Paul, much appreciated

wildcat: Have a lovely birthday Z 25 January gift

tommy: Happy Birthday Von M8

tommy: Good Morning All x

von_Zeist: Good morning and thank you all for the kind wishes, as a tradition I always have the flu on my birthday...

joker: Hi sorry i missed your birthday

mark: Happy Birthday!!!not-one-care

twiz: Belated Birthday wishes Marc.gift

joker: lovely here

von_Zeist: looks like a nice and calm place to be in winter...

joker: Too right it was 22 again today better than the UK

tommy: its -22 in uk lol cool

joker: lol

basso: Hello all!

robertsandalls: Run and gun map is coming up twice in the cfg file. One after the other.

robertsandalls: one needs removing.

von_Zeist: Hi Bas, looong time...

von_Zeist: @ Robert, fixed thnx

robertsandalls: Thanks Marknot-one-care

mark: Hello Everyone!laugh-big

joker: only 14 days and i will be back lol

twiz: Hi all, Sorry I haven't been on much lately, but I bought Farcry 5 and I am a bit addicted. I will try to pop onto the server asap.

joker: I will be back one week from today

tommy: Good Afternoon All xx laugh-big.

robertsandalls: Server off line is it or stuck?

von_Zeist: Fixed.. thnx Robert. guess bad map whas loaded

robertsandalls: your welcome Mark.



Registered users may use our ts3, ask VSOP clan members for password.


World of Warships

VSOP World of Warships

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Cod4X and OW2

VSOP runs cod4x and currently the OpenWarfare2 mod is installed.


Custom & Stock Maps

We host more than 600 modded and stock maps.



Respect spawns, no bunny hop and no hacks or cheats

VSOP Cod4X OW2 mod

COD4X ffa hc server OW2 mod with stock and modded maps

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VSOP Cod4X ow-ww3 testing

COD4X server ow-ww3 mod testing

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